Equipment List

  • Purpose built quad core PC running Cubase  Pro 8 as the main audio program.

  • Steinberg hardware. Two MR816CSX firewire audio interfaces and a CC121 DAW controller.

  • Studio Master 40 channel analogue mixing desk, giving over 80 inputs on mix down. 6 auxiliaries on each channel and full midi muting.

  • Fostex D2424. Stand alone 24 track hard disk recorder. Digital connections to the MR816’s through ADAT light pipe.

  • Large selection of out-board, including SPL Gold dual voice channel valve pre-amp. Lexicon, Roland and Digitech effect units, plus a large selection of compressors, noise gates, etc.

  • Tascam DA20 DAT Machine. DVD/CD Writers.

The Recording System


  • Neumann U87

  • SE Electronics Gemini 2 Valve Mic.

  • Two  AKG C414 B-XLS’s.

  • Two AKG C4000’s.

  • AKG C3000.

  • Three Sennheiser MD 421’s.

  • AKG D112.

  • Audio Technica ATM25.

  • Two Shure SM57 beta’s.

  • Shure SM57.

  • Shure SM58.

  • Electrovoice  RE20.

  • Rode NT5 (matched pair).

  • Rode NT5.

Sound Modules

  • Cubase Pro 8 contains a large selection of VST Instruments and effects.

  • Hardware samplers include two EMU ultra 5000's with built in hard drives and large libary. Also Akai S5000.

  • Korg Karma workstation complete with physical modelling card.

  • Alesis QS7, Yamaha SY85 and Korg DS 7 FM synth.

  • Yamaha and Alesis drum modules.


  • Near-field reference Harbeth BBC LS3.

  • Main Monitoring Harbeth HL Compact 7

  • Loud Monitoring Studio Acoustic.

  • Senhisser HD pro 280 headphones X 6

Back Line

  • Cornford Harlequin Recording guitar amplifier


  • Ampeg BA115T 1 x 15 Bass Combo - 100 Watt Tube Preamp

  • Mapex Meridian Birch 6 piece drum kit

  • Sabian AAX Cymbals




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