Studio equipment

A considerable amount of research has gone into the audio system used at Montesa Audio. The system is a combination of the very latest high tech hardware and software alongside some very high quality equipment from the last few decades.


The union of Steinberg and Yamaha has produced an excellent hardware interface, the MR816CSX, which works seamlessly with the new Cubase Pro 8.5   software. Two of these units working alongside the Fostex 24 track hard disk recorder are used to give us a good selection of options to capture your performance without fuss and in the highest quality.


Mixdown and monitoring can be done either through the Cubase computer system or using our Studio Master 40 channel mixing desk. This setup means that we can record 24 tracks at any one time and bring back 40 separate tracks from Cubase into the desk. This gives the options of using both software and hardware effects for truly professional results.

The recording system

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Residential Recording Studio in Spain

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Click for more info on the MR816 CSX and the C121 from Steinberg

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