Assembly (London/Liverpool)


"We found Montesa online and were surprised at how cheap the deal was at first - compared with other studios, the cheap price didnt seem to match up with the quality of the music that was available on their website. However, that was the only concern we had and we're delighted to say that it was completely unfounded!! The quality of the recordings, mixing and general production from Ian and Caron was first class and we couldnt be happier with how our tunes have come out. We couldnt wait to get back to the UK and get them up on iTunes! Thank you so much guys!!!


I'd recommend Montesa for any band looking to make a great sounding record in peaceful and fun surroundings but not spend an arm and a leg. You just cant beat it!! We took loads of photos and made a montage to go over one of the tunes we recorded there - take a peek! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-I3HfNZh_w0


Accommodation and location similarly exceeded expectations, but the best of all was how brilliant Caron and Ian were - fantastically helpful and welcoming and just genuinely lovely people.


Get to Montesa and get yourself a worldie record done, you wont regret it!!







Jahgo's Odyssey (London, England)


Hay Guys, we miss you already. We had the best time recording with you, you made our stay there very comfortable and the recording process was professional and stress free. The accommodation was beautiful and the studio and live room are mind blowing. Thank you for all you hard work, the tracks sound great and everyone is loving it. Cant wait to come back and do it all again.





The Joker's Melody (Fife, Scotland)


Awesome living conditions, great hospitality, and to top it off fantastic production. The band thoroughly enjoyed their stay. Highly recommended to any band.





Turn off the Sun (Birmingham, England)


We found Montesa Audio suited us perfectly. The peaceful surroundings meant we could completely focus on our recording. The accommodation was clean, well equipped and definitely nicer than anything we could have hoped for. Caron and Ian made us feel completely at home and went beyond the call of duty our whole stay to make sure we had everything we needed. But most importantly for us is that we are very happy with the results of recording with Ian, who really shows that he cares about getting the best out of your music. We found him a pleasure to work with, and his knowledge and experience is invaluable. We'd also like to thank David, the work experience guy, who was a massive help in making the recording run as smoothly as possible. I would recommend Montesa to any band and we'll certainly consider going back. Thanks. Turn off The Sun





GinXed (Belfast, Northern Ireland)


Just a quick note to say a big thank you for last week. We all had a great time, both recording and staying with you guys.

The songs sound amazing already; we cannot wait to hear them when fully completed.




Survive On Monday (Barcelona, España)



Thank you for everything, we're very satisfied with the recording!

Your recording studio is awesome!

Thank you Caron, thank you Ian

Regards and see you in a few months... ;),




Injured (Alicante, España)


Spanish comment translated by online translator.


What to say our stay at Montesa ... All good words, starting with Caron and Ian. Patience, kindness and sympathy are fairly well defined.


And of course, stay, typically what is said "like you're at home" in this case, certain 100%. Is very much appreciated by 5 days, which is the time we were we fully enjoying your recording, your music and company, day and night, the rest of the band.


We must say that few places can offer you this, and of course, if you are going to spend any tour, you should know how well they snore, so then there are no surprises!.


One can also say that for them the first thing is that you're happy with the product that you come out with from there, and as such, whether to work more hours than their turn, no problem!.


That also means the invaluable help of Caron when correcting our English.


Anyway ...


Thank you very much for everything!


Ramón Hernández





Lou Levy (Lucena, España)


Spanish comment translated by online translator. The Spanish word "tio" means uncle or bloke. Ian isn't Pepe's uncle!


My experience with the Clayton: I can only show my gratitude to this family. From the outset that, because of a fucking ticket collector, that of arriving train an hour late, not let me down in Xátiva, they had the detail go to collect me to Valencia station, without a bad gesture with a cordiality,really appreciated in a tired and very grey day, like that...


Once that you arrive at the attic-studio (is in front to each other), everything is, as would say Caron: "like what I would like to find me, when I go somewhere" as comfortable and cosy. The attic is too much! all the comforts, any detail in that think, is there...only, do have a bit of care if you are rather tall, because in the living room ceiling, as it is giving the street, is lowering, but is something that you go remembering, the third or fourth bang; D


With regard to recording, Ian is a very patient uncle, who like to work when sees that enthusiasm and ideas clear for musicians. In addition, if necessary, no matter you take longer than stipulated, to well finish a session.


Ultimately, what is myself, I can say that I have found some very good friends in Montesa, a technician who becomes involved in what you do, and a family, really lovely, also...have a wine fantastic!


Already back someday...


A kiss for the Clayton!

Pepe Huertas de LOU LEVY.  



Zorras Adolescentes (Zaragoza, España)


Spanish comment translated by online translator. Note - we must find out from locals what the Spanish slang "blanket" means!


we had already been in some recording studios, recorded, mixed and you have like going to the recording supermarket "LIDL" to buy cans of tuna, arriving at little Valencian village already be breathing differently, as when you enter a bakery to buy croissants, and not we were mistaken, Ian and Caron, without knowing us we treated as if we were family from the outset, the studio on a site privileged, showed us where we go to stay and was as these cottages that we would like to spend Christmas with friends, perfectly equipped with everything for not bored. morning started to record without tensions, without nerves... everything was kindness, understanding and professionalism. In this climate all comes out better, reaching surprise sound from some blankets like us. so if you can don't think about it. you are not going to forget it and you are going to leave satisfied and happy....




Pendeltons (Valencia España)


Spanish comment translated by online translator.


Our experience, which were only 3 days (Friday Saturday and Sunday) unfortunately due to lack of time members, was very good.

Caron and Ian are very pleasant and professional people.

The studio has a very good equipment, both drums as amps bass and guitar, microphones, etc this added to the experience of Ian (which shows) makes it very comfortable record in his studio.

Also we wish to highlight the involvement of them, give us opinion and ideas about things that weren't entirely clear us for us.

Regarding accommodation, we didn't want to go home! We were very comfortable and equipped (has all that you might need) and the tranquility of Montesa is great.



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